GSA Response formating

Dec 3, 2010 at 7:57 PM

Hi there,

I downloaded your project and trying to retrive result from GSA and format it, I am getting outout in Summary field as below,

Default Page

... DocNumber: 100-00009-01, State: Effective, Title: Testing of something 2 HPMC(v.1) Using, Writer ... - 4k - Cached

Instead of this i want to get out put in below format so i can put this in table and show data in datagrid or something

Default Page

DocNumber: 100-00009-01
State: Effective
Title: Testing of something 2 HPMC(v.1) Using
Writer: smith_john
EffectiveDate : 2003-06-18

I would really appriciate your response on this.

Tapan Desai