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Project Description
This is a C# API for querying the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini for search results, and it uses the Google Enterprise XML search protocol. This API was developed by MC+A. It is a port of the project gsa-japi developed by Inxight Software.

This project encapsulates the XML api used for quering the Google Search Appliance or Google Mini. A simple demonstration can be seen here Simple Example. Please post to the discussions if you are looking for specific documentation. The project has been built to work with the latest Google Search Appliance software (Currently 6.12)

This project is maintained by Should you require support with this library or in customizing the Google Search Appliance, please contact MCA at:

This project is neither affiliated to nor sponsored by Google® or Inxight Software. Google®, and Google Search Appliance™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

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